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Meet The Team

Board of Directors


Liam Wirsansky

President and Artistic Director

Liam is a first-year MS-Information student at Florida State University, pursuing a career as a librarian. He serves as the President and Artistic Director of White Mouse Theatre Productions at FSU and is also a featured columnist for FSU's branch of ULOOP News. Liam loves the creative outlet that student theatre has provided him and loves extending those opportunities to others as well.


Danielle Wirsansky

Managing Director

Danielle Wirsansky founded and served as the Artistic Director of White Mouse Theatre Productions (2016-2018). She has recently returned to White Mouse and now serves as their Marketing Director. Her other previous theatrical endeavors include working as the Associate Managing Director at a regional theater in Vermont. She received a BA in Theatre, a BA in English (Creative Writing), and an MA in Modern European History. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in History from Florida State University.

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Marketing Director

Kenny Kleinknecht is a Senior at FSU who is majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Communications. They work as White Mouse’s Marketing Director and graphic designer and have created art and design assets for productions including but not limited to “Whose Show is it Anyways?,” "Chlorine", and the "Tallahassee Ten-Minute Play Festival." As of right now, they’re stoked to have the opportunity to work alongside White Mouse and improve as an artist!

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Rachael Britton

Finance Director

Rachael Britton is White Mouse's Finance Director. She is in charge of negotiating with SGA and heads outreach to local organizations and charities.

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