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Spring 2022 Season

Whose Show Is It Anyways? ----- January 22

Whose Show Is It Anyways is our fun semesterly improv show on January 22nd at the FSU Student Services Building Room 208! The cast includes members from all of the different comedy and improv groups on campus, BFAs, BAs, a token econ major, and more posing the question--Whose show is it?

A Man In Their Eyes Play Reading ----- January 28th at 7pm

Follows bounty hunters Elias Holloway and Wilhelm Macon as they track the wife of a major ranch owner in California. As his morals are confronted, so too are Elias's ideas of what it means to be a man. 

Workshop Concert: Valentine's Day Musical ----- February 22nd at 7pm

Come watch a one-act musical that takes place in a coffee shop on Valentine's Day that centers around different expressions and meanings of love. Features feel-good music and a cast anyone can connect with!

Dead Man's Game Play Reading ----- March 11th at 7pm

A high stakes game of checkers! Hera, after finding herself in Hell, plays Satan in checkers for a chance to escape damnation. The two chraracters use the match to dicsuss the complicated facets of "sin" and religious morality throughout this dark comedy.

Chlorine (Playwriting Fellowship Recipient) ----- March 25th-27th at 7pm

This play follows college student Marley who is stuck in.a toxic relationship that becomes abusive after several months of dating. She must struggle to come to terms with the truth of her reality even as those closest to her try to convince her to stay.

Sitting Still----- April 8th-9th at 7pm

Focusing primarily on the fascinating life of Dr. Elsie Inglis, this full-length play details the professional and romantic entanglements of British women medics in WW1 in a cast of all queer actors.

FSU Fringe Festival ----- Dates TBA

We have 2 titles planned: Kokonron and Miss Le Gallienne Announces the New Season


Kokonron is a ten-minute play that celebrates the three Meiji Japanese literary giants Yosano Akiko, Natsume Soseki, and Masaoka Shiki through the conversations of the artists' pens and brushes. 

Miss Le Gallienne Announces the New Season is a twenty-minute play focusing on Eva Le Gallienne's reopening of the Civic Repertory Theatre after a particularly traumatizing year. After a poorly timed flash from a journalist, Eva struggles to keep her composure as flashbacks resurface. 

White Mouse Productions

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