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Podcast Marketing: A Whole Different Beast

Hey there! I’m Trinity Iwicki, and I’m White Mouse’s Assistant Marketing Director. Pleasure to finally speak to all of you. Being a member of the marketing team for the past year, since I joined in Spring of 2021, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of our productions. But I’d like to talk to you today about working on our two podcast projects, The News Room Podcast, which aired its final episode in August, and The Tapes of Helmont High which is just getting started! I stand in the unique position of working on both projects, and let me tell you, marketing a months-long ongoing project is very different from working on a show.

The News Room Podcast

I sort of got pulled into all of this with no idea what I had just agreed to honestly. I started The News Room Podcast as a voice actor, not their marketing director, and was only pulled in after most of season one had aired just because I knew what was going on in the show. It was certainly a “learn as you go” sort of experience. I worked largely on my own, with occasional help from Kenny (who now works as our graphic designer) creating about three posts a week (some of which were completely hand-drawn) and managing a series of links to keep track of all various listening platforms, our RedBubble, any forms that were relevant, or any website links that were related. I also did my best to keep track of our listens and downloads, and kept our SoundCloud up to date with any original music from the podcast.

Affectionately: never again.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast! I learned a lot, and it gave me the skills and experience to realize this sort of work is something I’m genuinely interested in and would like to keep improving on. I mean, I look back at some of the early posts on Instagram, or how the Carrd was set up, and cringe. We all start somewhere.

However, that’s a lot for one person to do on their own, and I was attending rehearsals and recordings nearly every day at the time, on top of 17 credit hours of classes. It was a rough time.

The thing with projects like these is pacing. You have to maintain a consistent stream of content for months at a time to maintain interest and momentum. It can feel overwhelming.

But I won’t be making the same mistakes this time around.

The Tapes of Helmont High

First of all, I am so excited for this podcast. Literally right up the alley of what I would listen to so I am thrilled at the chance to work on something like it.

But just as exciting is that this time around I won’t be working alone! Another member of our marketing team, Ilaria (who wrote a blog post about our annual 365 Women A Year Festival that you should definitely check out) will be working with me as the Assistant Marketing Director for the project. This will definitely help better pacing and consistent posts, without that feeling of “oh no there’s so much to do”, and it means we’ll both have someone else to bounce ideas off of before committing to them.

It’s already a vastly different experience working on this project since I get to be working on the show from its concept and production phases, instead of starting when it's already half-finished. This means I got to help design logo concepts and ideas for the show, and have a much greater range of creative freedom and control of how everything looks right from the start, instead of building off of somebody else’s foundation. I have a lot of ideas, and can’t wait to work with everyone to

help bring this podcast to the public eye and give it some wicked aesthetics. There’s a long way to go, but I’m excited to get properly started, and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Keep an eye out for updates about The Tapes of Helmont High if you want to see what we’ll be up to (also you should listen to The News Room Podcast if you haven’t)!

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